About Us

Welcome to CGIB.  You have known us as industry leaders for years, its time to take things to the next level by expanding and improving our solutions to meet your digital visual content needs.

We have listened to your feedback and seen how your needs have changed. In response, we have reinvented CGIBackgrounds by creating a brand new CGIB site, redefining our role as your content partner, and implementing  client solutions that get you better content, faster and more completely than before. We know that you have choices in resourcing content, and we want to be your default.

Our New Site

CGIB are pioneers in the industry, while experience is an excellent foundation, we have always been a dynamic enterprise. As the burgeoning CGI industry continues to evolve, we are growing along with it.

This new site provides more productive searches with our expanded backplate library and our new search engine, which delivers more relevant results. With over 250,000 high-resolution, exclusive images to choose from, you can conduct searches yourself—or, you can contact us for creative collaboration.

Redefining Our Role as Your Content Partner

It’s not only our library that we’ve expanded.  Equally important is that we have expanded our role as your creative content partner. If you are looking for assistance in conducting a search, or have a creative concept that calls for a customization, we are here to help. If you have a creative idea but can’t find the right approach to realize it, we can get you there.  We collaborate with our clients to find, build, or produce their solutions.

However you utilize CGIB, you will experience what sets us apart from the rest: we are a true one-stop, end-to-end digital visual content solution. That means no more having to toggle between resources for reviewing and licensing – we handle every aspect of content development and rights.