Top 100 HDRi Maps and Backplates to Download

Here at CGI.Backgrounds, we've spent the last two decades capturing professional HDRi Maps and Backplates from locations around the world.
That gives us one of the best and largest libraries of automotive backgrounds, arc viz backgrounds, and other CG backgrounds. It's one of the reasons that big brands like Mercedes and Honda trust us for their HDRi Map needs.
Still, we know that the size of our collection can be a bit overwhelming! For that reason, we decided to go through the collection and make a list of our top 100 HDRi Maps and Backplates.

How We Created This List

We used a few methods to select the top HDRi Maps and backplates from our collections.
For starters, we looked at internal search data from over 5,000 search queries on . This gave us some powerful data about the most-searched HDRi Maps and Backplates terms.
We then combined that data with additional data on our most downloaded and most licensed HDRi Maps and Backplates. To ensure that we weren't missing anything, we also added in our top-ranked HDRi Maps from Google.
Finally, we manually reviewed our collection to look for unique Maps (like our HDRi of the moon's surface) that weren't available anywhere else.
The end result is a list of the top 100 HDRi Maps and Backplates from our collection. Take a look at the list below for some inspiration, or if you're looking for a specific topic, such as New York City HDRi Maps or mountain road HDRi Maps.
You can download any of these HDRi Maps or Backplates by signing up for one of our plans.

Top 100 HDRi Maps and Backplates


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