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About CGIBackgrounds.com.

About Us     back to top

Founded in 2004, CGIBackgrounds.com is here to provide a broader range of options than just your average, "middle-of-the road" pictures. We specialize in offering the creative essence of photographic environments for the express purpose of showcasing vehicles. Simply put, we love shooting roads. We love road shooters. And we love our clients who love road photography as much as we do.

Today's auto manufacturers are able to render virtual vehicles into photographic environments. CGIBackgrounds.com meets this distinctive industry with rights-managed photography that takes you straight to where you need to go. No more weeding through "mega-sites" with time consuming inconsistent results. We are the #1 creative source for rights managed road and moving scenic photographs; from dark to daylight.

Our clients can render or strip their vehicles into our backgrounds with substantial savings over traditional methods. In fact, CGI provides three types of imagery for licensing: 2D backgrounds to composite with existing vehicles, HDRI lighting and reflective domes to assist in the rendering of virtual vehicles into 2D backgrounds, and 360 degree HDRI virtual world environments for 3D web applications. In addition, we offer directed stock, virtual shoots, and assignment photography from our worldwide member base of talented photographers.

From advertising agencies, design firms, rendering studios, web agencies and manufacturer design groups and marketing companies, our clients represent a worldwide audience.

As seemingly commonplace as streets, highways, paths, and crossroads may be, roads have an ability to inspire and transport people's imagination. Roads take you someplace. They can be used to enhance a business, send a message, illustrate a point, convey a concept or instill an idea. That's why we're here. CGIBackgrounds' fabulous collection of roads has grown to over 65,000 road images from around the world.

When all you really want is a perfect road, then you've already stumbled upon the shortcut to your ultimate destination. Get there faster with CGIBackgrounds!

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Here you'll find a vast collection of road and highway stock photography taken by serious professional photographers. Gone are the days in which a company must hire a special photographer for a particular road scene. Navigate through our system and you'll discover scenes from all over the world. Capture a mood, tell a story or enhance an article with a road trip to CGIBackgrounds. Find something moving to captivate your audience.

Who Needs This?     back to top

CGIBackgrounds is dedicated to provide creative destinations for people like:

  • ad agencies
  • publishers
  • marketing firms
  • PR consultants
  • automobile dealers and manufacturers
  • vehicle-related services
  • educational facilities
  • the media
  • graphics designers and printers
  • and any business that needs compelling imagery that will visually drive the message to prospective clients.

Assignments     back to top

When you need to find a customized image of a specific place, time of year, or destination; you'll find just the perfect shot you need through our worldwide network of highly respected and very creative photographers.

Client Services     back to top

CGIBackgrounds is here to assist you in the process of finding a successful image for your project. Something captivating and entirely moving is only a few clicks away. The bridge between you and over 65,000 exceptionally creative photos are only moments away, and our knowledgeable experts can help you narrow down the collection. Licensing fees are based on your project’s usage needs - including exposure and length of license. We will always considered your specific requirements on a per project basis. From the small one-time print job to the colossal billboard, CGI's high-resolution imagery will keep your creative needs right on track.